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Learning Options for Representation

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UDL Principle 1: Provide Multiple Means of Representation


Representation - Options for Learners


Click THIS LINK for 34 Options for Video

(On a page of its own!)


Options for "Text" in Audio Format




Books Should Be Free


  • Extensive collection of audio books
  • Organized by genre, and searchable by author, title or key word
  • Engaging interface with cover art, description and audio preview for each selection
  • Download as mp3 or iTunes podcast





  • "Literature for your eyes and ears"
  • Smaller collection of novels, poetry, and short stories available for download or for online listening with accompanying text



  • Robert Munsch reads his own childrens' stories
  • Listen online, or download



Options for Reference





(Firefox and Chrome Add-ins)


  • Alt-Click on a word in a web page brings up dictionary dictionary, ponunciation and links to more related information
  • Firefox and Chrome add-on works in Windows/Mac/Linux




  • Study guides for multiple subjects
  • Extensive collection of literature guides may be most helpful: author information, plot overview, chapter summaries with analysis, character analysis, critical essays, etc.
  • Audio summary available for each literary work
  • Site is ad supported 


  • Study guides for multiple subjects (ad supported)
  • Extensive support for literature, including video summaries and some "translations" into contemporary language 
  • see Youtube channel 



  • learning material and homework support for secondary subjects (eg. algebra, biology, calculus, physics)
  • material engagingly presented in multiple digital formats (eg. text, audio, animation)


  • Firefox add-on that enables user to "interact with all words on the web"
  • Customizable tool that offers definitions, conversions, translations, links to Wikipedia/Google search, and more
  • See overview on Youtube

Maths Dictionary for Kids


  • Animated and interactive dictionary for over 600 common math terms
  • Text definitions presented in simple language



  • Search tool that yields results in multiple formats
    • Images
    • Text
    • Text-to-speech



  • Visual dictionary that combines Flickr, Google and Yahoo images with Wictionary content
  • Terms within definitions are hyperlinked


  • Learning guides for multiple subjects
  • Mission: "To make learning and writing more fun and relevant for students in the digital age
  • Guides prepared by educators




The Visual Dictionary

  • Find visual images for search terms, along with supporting text
  • Enter term, or use images (organized by cagtegory) to facilitate search
  • Search categories limited to: plants; animals; human body; music; transport; clothing
  • English, French, Spanish

Visual Dictionary Online

  • Visual dictionary, organized around 15 themes, with logical sub-categories
  • Uses images to facilitate search
  • Over 6000 labeled images
  • Site is ad supported


Sage English Dictionary and Thesaurus

  • Installed dictionary/thesaurus that runs within programs (eg.IE, Firefox, MS Word, Outlook, etc.)
  • More than 210,000 definitions
  • Sample sentences, audio pronunciations and much mofe
  • Windows only


Simple English Wikipedia


  • Easy-to-read online encyclopedia
  • Articles use fewer (easier) words, shorter sentences, and easier grammar
  • Many articles are simplified versions of articles from the 'ordinary' English Wikipedia

Simple English Wiktionary


  • Online dictionary with definitions that are easy to read and understand
  • Entries provide audio files for pronunciation
  • User may request definitions 

Wiki Summaries

  • Book summaries organized by title and category
  • Each entry includes overall summary, chapter summaries, character summaries
  • 359 titles, as of Sept, 2010




Options for Captioned Video and More







  • Extensive collection of captioned and sub-titled quality videos
  • Searchable database indexes captioned videos from multiple sources on the Internet


  • Upload video to dotSUB and add captions in any language
  • Extensive collection of captioned videos available on dotSUB site



  • Create captions on your own YouTube videos
  • Easy to do
  • Captions can be in any language 
  • Click HERE for instructions on adding captions, transcripts and sub-titles to Youtube videos 



  • Enter text and hear the translation spoken in a selected language
  • 22 languages available
  • Powered by Google Translate



Special Option for Early Learners






  • Large collection of engaging, accessible and high quality activities for early learners
  • Activities accessed with a single key or mouse click
  • High interest basic literacy and numeracy activities
  • Nursery rhymes, songs, holiday themes and more
  • Activities can be used online, or downloaded as PowerPoint files with PowerPoint player
  • [Use mouse click, not space-bar, when using online version on a Mac]







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