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Options for Video

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Options for Video

(Beyond Youtube)



33 Video Sites to Support Learning


Video Site


Academic Earth

  • Videos of lectures and lessons from top US universities (Yale, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, etc.)
  • Especially valuable for advanced learning

Big Think

  • Collection  of videos on multiple topics by leading experts in the fields covered
  • Topics covered range from arts & culture to history to media & the Internet


  • Large collection of math and science videos with "the best teachers" explaining concepts and demonstrating problems
  • Math:  Algebra through Calculus
  • Science: Biology; Chemistry; Physics

Clip Syndicate

  • Professionally produced news media clips
  • Organized into 87 categories (channels) eg. Travel; Health; Pets & Animals; Communities; Science & Technology; World News

Current TV

  • Significant collection of user generated video
  • Aims to offer the world's most important and entertaining stories

Discovery Channel

  • High quality content from the Discovery television channel made available online
  • 6115 videos, as of September 2010

Europa Film Treasures

  • Classic European films made available online
  • Multiple search options--time period, country of origin, genre, title, director, actor


  • Collection of documentary films and images
  • Focus is on leaders from around the world who have devoted themselves to extraordinary causes


  • Database of the best films made by the US government during the 20th century
  • Wide range of subject areas
  • Hosted in the Internet Archive


  • Searchable database of videos that focus on current affairs ("the people, issues, and ideas changing the world")


  • Collection of videos intended "to connect mathematics, science, technology, and engineering to the real world of carrers and achievement"
  • Intended to help make curriculum more relevant to learners in classrooms 


  • Videos from TV's History Channel
  • Searchable, and organized by topic
  • Site also offers games, quizzes and other interactives

How Stuff Works

  • Large collection of videos that explain almost anything
  • Searchable database, and helpfully organized by category

KidsKnowIt Network

  • Videos with accompanying quizzes that target primary/elementary school learners
  • Topics covered include English, Maths, Science, and Geography
  • Other interactives also available at this site


  • Hosts videos by children for other children
  • Video content and comments are monitored for appropriateness
  • Site sponsors regular contests to encourage development of video-making skills

LangMedia Culture Talk

  • Videos that highlight cultures from around the world
  • Separate video lists for Elementary, Middle, and High School  learners



  • Math videos drawn from multiple sources
  • Videos are reviewed before being added
  • Searchable database helpfully organized by topic
  • Original intent was to offer support to parents who want to help their children with maths

Math TV

  • Large collection of math tutorials--Basic Maths, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus
  • Site is well organized by topic
  • Individual playlists can be created


Next Vista


  • High quality video site for K-12 learners
  • 'Light Bulb' videos: "Introduction to topics by students and teachers"
  • 'Global View' videos: "Descriptions of life and activities...around the world, made by teenagers for teenagers
  • 'Seeing Service' videos: "Profiles of people who make life better for others"


PBS Kids Go

  • The videos on this site can only be viewed in the United States
  • 22 categories of videos from PBS for young learners


PBS Video

  • Videos from Nature, NOVA, Frontline, American Experience
  • Database searchable by topic

Pop! Tech

  • "Thinkers, leaders and doers" share their passions and their expertise
  • Focus is on the social impact of new technologies


  • Current event videos covering global topics in brief clips
  • Searchable database organized into 10 categories to facilitate browsing

School Tube

  • Site hosts videos created by students and teachers
  • Searchable database can be browsed by category
  • Teachers and schools can create channels


  • Site hosts documentaries from major producers such as National Geographic and National Film Board of Canada


  • Site hosts videos created by teachers for teachers



  • "Riveting talks by remarkable people"
  • Leading thinkers present on wide range of topics

Untamed Science

  • Videos that focus on biology and earth science
  • Site creators believe that learning about science should be "fun and easy", and their videos are intended to help make that happen

USGS Multimedia

  • Extensive collection of science videos (as well as images, animations, and podcasts) organized around a wide range of topics
  • From the US Geological Survey


  • Videos can be uploaded to Viddler, or recorded online with webcam
  • Tags and comments can be posted at any point within a video


  • Video hosting site similar to Youtube
  • Good video and audio quality
  • Excellent range of available content
  • Limited uploads available with free account


  • Searchable database of thousands of online educational videos from multiple sources
  • Organized into 3000 categories under 16 major headings 
  • App available for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch 

WIRED Science

  • Extensive collection of videos that cover a wide range of science topics



Top Documentary Films


Explain it to me, from CNN 


7 Youtube Channels for Science Students and Teachers




Crash Course 


  • Youtube channel with history and science videos




  • Youtube channel about numbers














Big Think



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