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Expression and Action--Options for Learners

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UDL Principle 2: Provide Multiple Means of Action and Expression


Expression and Action -- Options for Learners


Online Art Options





  • Online canvas and simple set of tools to create digital art
  • Painting can be "re-played" to see the exactly how it was created
  • Art work can be printed or shared via email



  • Versatile online drawing application
  • Artwork can be downloaded or shared online in the myoats community

Smo Paint


  • Sophisticated online drawing/paint program with extensive set of tools
  • Artwork can be saved to online gallery and/or local computer



  • "Modern art generator"
  • Extensive set of tools to create interesting art effects on digital canvas
  • Save to online gallery or download artwork 



Offline Art Options





Tux Paint


  • Powerful and versatile drawing program for children, with fun sound effects
  • Easy and intuitive interface with extensive set of drawing tools
  • Online gallery for sharing uploaded art work
  • Windows/Mac/Linux
  • NOTE: Stamps for Tux Paint need to be downloaded and installed separately


  • Drawing program designed specifically for creating traditional animations
  • Helpful online user manual
  • Windows/Mac/Linux




  • Sophisticated paint program for Windows
  • Powerful versatile image and photo editing software
  • Extensive set of online tutorials HERE 
  • Numerous video tutorials available on Youtube. 



Mind Mapping Options






  • Calls itself the "whiteboard reinvented"
  • Effective and extremely easy to use set of online mind mapping and diagraming tools
  • Click HERE for video demonstration 


  • Collaborative online mind mapping application
  • Incorporate images, add sticky notes, zoom in/out, hide branches
  • Intuitive interface
  • Mind maps can be exported in multiple formats, including FreeMind and pdf


  • Commercial mind map software with free option
  • Collaborate in real time
  • Offline mode
  • Commercial academic version 
  • iPhone and iPad apps

Free Mind


  • Free open source downloadable mind mapping software
  • Imports into some online applications, eg. Mind42
  • Windows/Mac/Linux



Online and Offline Options to Support Organization






  • Comprehensive and versatile organization set of organization supports
  • Collect and organize resources from anywhere (online and off line), then search your collections
  • Windows/Mac with browser add-ons and mobile apps for iDevices, Android, Blackberry, Palm

Google Calendar

  • Online calendar that syncs with everything Google and much more (Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, Mozilla Sunbird)
  • Apps for Android, iPhone and Palm
  • Offline mode


  • Calendar and task-management software to install
  • Windows/Mac/Linux


Web Notes

  • Online "research management"
  • Annotate web pages with highlights and sticky notes
  • Save annotated web pages to folders or share them with others


  • Social bookmarking, for organizing and sharing bookmarked websites
  • Annotate and highlight web pages
  • Organize bookmarked web pages into slide shows


Online Multimedia Options







  • Online multimedia application for creating 'music video slideshows'
  • Easily combine images, video, text and music
  • Embed anywhere, or download for offline use
  • Free and premium paid versions
  • Animoto for Education available
  • Excellent free app for iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Click HERE for more information



  • Online multimedia application for creating 'posters with embedded media'
  • Easily combine images, video, text and music
  • Embed anywhere
  • Glogster Edu available (free and paid versios)
  • Click HERE for more information 

Mix Book


  • Easily combine images and text to create free online 'books' or paid hard copy books
  • Many available page layouts templates for combining images and text
  • Click HERE for more information 



  • Oline multimedia application for creating 'music video slideshows' or quizzes
  • Easily combine images, text and music
  • Embed anywhere or download for offline use
  • Free and paid premium versions
  • Click HERE for more information 


  • Extremely versatile multimedia presentation application
  • Creatively flexible 'slide shows' with embedded media
  • Embed anywhere or download



  • Use art to anchor online creative writing
  • Extensive collection available on Storybird site
  • Stories easily shared online, can be embedded anywhere 



  • Easily combine images, video, text, documents and music
  • Comment by text, microphone, phone, webcam
  • Embed anywhere or download (for a fee)
  • Free individual accounts or paid education accounts
  • Click HERE for more information 



Offline Multimedia Options




iMovie (Mac)

  • Versatile video creation and editing software
  • Create with movies or still images
  • Comes free with Mac computers   

Photo Story 3


  • Free versatile multimedia software by Microsoft for PC computers (XP and later)
  • Combine images, text, audio narration, video to create dynamic presentations
  • Completed videos can be burned to DVD or uploaded to a hosting site and embedded anywhere
  • Click HERE for more information










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