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iApps for Those who Learn Differently

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iApps For Learners Who Struggle With Text






PaperPort Notes

  • versatile note-taking app, with multiple options for text input
  • keyboard/voice recognition/stylus inputs available
  • audio recordings can be attached to note pages
  • notes can be shared via email, Google Docs, DropBox, etc.
  • notes may be opened as PDF files by other iPad apps
  • for iPad only for FREE 
  • Click HERE for more information 

Text Grabber

  • Use iPhone camera to turn hard copy into readable PDF
  • OCR is good enough for text-to-speech
  • Translates to more than 40 languages 
  • Only available for iPhone, but PDFs can be exported for use on iPad or iPod Touch
  • iPhone only ($1.99) 
  • Click HERE for more information 




  • Do equations and other math on the iPad 
  • Create/view/edit MS Word or PowerPoint files on iPad
  • Looks and acts exactly like MS Office programs on computer 
  • Equation Editor in MS Word works well for doing math on iPad 
  • Works well with DropBox 
  • for iPad only -- FREE 
  • Click HERE for more information

Type on PDF 


  • Complete worksheets and tests on iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Add text boxes and other annotation to imported PDF files
  • Import PDF’s from DropBox, email, etc.
  • Use iPhone camera with OCR app (eg. Text Grabber) to create PDFs
  • Share work via email, open into another app, or print 
  •  Click HERE for more information 




  • Word prediction with text-to-speech
  • High quality voices (English, French, German, Spanish)
  • Multiple keyboard layout options
  • Use customizable keyboard to create learning activities (similar to Clickr 5)
  • Print work or share via email
  • Copy work to clipboard for use in other apps
  • iPad only ($19.99) 

    Nebulous Notes    



  • Text editor that works well for anyone, and especially valuable for individuals with low vision
  • Large font and variable contrast between text and background available
  • Integrates with DropBox
  • Print or share via email
  • Text-to-speech available via iOS Speak Selection 
  • iPad/iPhone/IPod Touch ($4.99) 
  • Click HERE for more information 



  • Combine digigal voice recording with typed and/or handwritten notes
  • Use built in mic to record voice of learner or teacher 
  • Use stylus for handwritten notes or keyboard for printed notes
  • Share via email or with URL on wireless network
  • iPad/iPhone/IPod Touch ($4.99) 

Dragon Dictation


  • Easy to use voice recognition, no training required
  • Use 'Speak Selection' to read back dictated work (keyboard must  be visible)
  • Copy work to clipboard for use in other apps
  • Share work via email, or send directly to Facebook or Twitter
  • Internet connection required when using
  • iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch (FREE) 

vBookz PDF Voice Reader



  • Text-to-speech for reading PDF files
  • Text is highlighted as read 
  • Original formatting of PDF file is retained 
  • High quality voices--male or female 
  • Multiple languages available 
  • Import PDFs from Safari, email attachments, or DropBox 
  • iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch ($4.99) 
  • Click HERE for more information  


  • Offers text-to-speech for text files (.txt, .doc, .docx, etc.) 
  • Intended as PDF Reader, but text-to-speech not available for PDF's
  • Use ‘Speak Selection’ in GoodReader for text to speech in text files 
  • Works well with DropBox 
  • iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch ($4.99) 


Idea Sketch



  • Create mind map and turn it into outline or vice versa
  • Import text from other apps
  • Share work via email or copy directly into other apps
  • iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch (FREE) 
  • Click HERE for more information   

Book Creator 


  • Create and share multimedia projects on iPad
  • Import images, speech, music
  • Work saves to iBooks
  • Share books via email or DropBox
  • iPad only ($4.99) 

Side bySide


  • Split iPad screen into up to 4 customizable "windows"
  • Good for taking notes while doing online research 
  • Built-in browser for viewing websites
  • Built-in text editor for note taking
  • Import text files or PDFs
  • Integrates with DropBox
  • iPad only (FREE)
  • Click HERE for more information   
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